Toyota - The Show

Agency: H&L Partners, Director: Greg Bell, Backyard, Editor: Bob Spector, Beast

Visa - Just One Second

Agency & Production Company: Intrepid, Animation: Blind, Music: Marmoset

Western Digital - Labor

Agency: W20 Digital, Director: Rocky Morton, MJZ , Editorial: Cut & Run

Toyota - So Vain

Agency: H&L Partners, Director: Bruce St. Clair, Biscuit, Editor: Doug Walker, Beast


Toyota - Football Fan

Agency & Production Co: H&L Partners, Director: Rob Bagot, Editor: Brian Lagerhausen, Beast

Coupa - Work Sweet Work

Agency: Liquid, Director: Andrew Laurich, Editorial: Neat

Toyota - Double Buster

Agency: H&L Partners, Director: Greg Bell, Backyard, Edit & Effects: Ntropic

Genomic Health

Agency: W2O Digital, Director & Editorial: Steve Fuller, Sibling Rivalry

Visa - Tap to Pay

Agency, Production and Post: Intrepid, Director: Jason Armitage, DP, Editor and Color: Chris Gonzolas

Service Now - AI Just How I'm Made

Agency, Production & Editorial: Intrepid, Director: Jason Armitage, Editor Nikki Winig

Nest - The Learning Thermostat

Agency: One Degree, Vreeland Productions, Director: Rob Bagot, Editor: Doug Werby

McDonald's - It's Hot

Agency: H&L Partners, Production & Post Co: Ntropic

Toyota - Mike's Bikes

Agency, Production & Editorial: H&L Partners, DP: Donavan Sell

Intel - Passion

Agency: Say Media, Producer & Director: Therese Vreeland

Toyota - Mountains

Agency: H&L Partners, Graphics: Design, Music: Love & Oceans by The Dimes

Embraca - Scarves

Agency: W20 Digital, Director & Editoral: Zia Mohajerjasbi, The Academy

Galileo - Go Carts

Agency, Production Co & Edit: H&L Partners

The Olympic Club

Agency: H&L Partners, Art Director: Marley Brunning Graphics: Design

Clear 4G - Dan

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners, Director: Aaron Ruell, Biscuit Filmworks, Editor: Jim Hutchins, Finishing: Brickyard

Conscious Kitchen

A passion project I directed with 7 DP's and 3 sound engineers, edited by Doug Brown and design

Microsoft - Mesmerized

Part of a series of web films created by McCann Worldgroup, Director: Stacy Wall, Epoch Films, Editor: Rick Lawley, Whitehouse Post

Purple Wine - The Story

Agency, Production, Edit: H&L Partners, Director: Rob Bagot

McDonald's - Buzz In

Agency: H&L Partners, Directors: Gentelmen, Go Film, Editor: Doug Walker, Beast

Toyota - Sunnyside

Agency: H&L Partners, Graphic Designer: Jay Goodman, Music: Chris Bell

Toyota - Jerry's Garage

Agency, Production & Editorial: H&L Partners, Director: Rob Bagot

Toyota - El Niño

Agency & Production Co: H&L Partners, Director: Rob Bagot, Editor: Doug Walker, Beast

Franklin Templeton Investments - Fire

Agency: Collaborate, Director: Bruce Dowad, Believe Media, Editorial: Ntropic

Oakland Museum

Agency, Production, Edit: H&L Partners, Director: Brian Cheung