Moseley's Tuning Lair

Visa - Stadium of the Future

Agency, Production & Post: Intrepid, DIrector: Jason Armitage, Editor: Mike Tuomey

JIRA - Cyclist

Jonny's Guide to Squaw

Olympic Gold metalist Jonny Moseley takes us to his "secret spots".


BUILT - trailer


This video premiered on the side of Times Square in NYC and then had a successful on-line launch. Shot on an iPhone in a single take with Rocky Morton directing.

eBay BUILT Episode 1

Squaw - Pray for Snow

Shot during the drought of 2016 for our friends at Squaw Valley with Jonny Moseley pre-season training.

Absolut SF

Agency: EVB, a dynamic video interfacing with Facebook.


Agency & Production Company: Intrepid, Director: Jason Armitage, Animator: Michael Rigley

Sprint - Nascar

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, an 8 screen live event.

Jerry's Unboxing Key Drone

A series of web videos for Toyota's leasing program. 

Galilio - A Day in the Life

Shot with the Movi8 all in a day at camp.

SF - city of innovators

Vreeland Productions - Director: Rob Bagot

Giants - Renel & Lou Seal


Microsoft - Bacon Suit

Agency: McCann & Mekanism  Director: Chris Hooper, Bob Industries

Microsoft - Quest

Agency: McCann, Director: Stacy Wall, Epoch Films, Editor: Rick Lawley

Intel - Sponsors of Tomorrow

Agency: Venables, Bell & Partners, Production & Animation: Motion Theory


Produced and Edited with VanMetre Productions

Intel - Stories of Innovation: Education

Agency: SAY Media, Produced and Directed by Vreeland Productions, part of a series of films on innovation and technology

Jonny Moseley Training

March of Dimes - Babies

Agency, Production & Edit: Venables Bell & Partners

Dolby - Trailer

Agency: Godfrey Q & Partners, Animation & CG: Radium, Sound Design: Machine Head, Mixed at Skywalker Ranch

eBay BUILT - Road Test

Intel - Innovation in WiFi


Agency: W20 DIgital, Director: Rocky Morton, MJZ, Editorial: Cut & Run

TechDirt on Education

Visa - Checkout

Production & Editorial: Mark Dwyer & Nate Robertson, Ntropic

Intel - Stories of Innovation in Retail

Agency: Say Media, Producer & Director: Therese Vreeland